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Hanomag means "Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG", and the company was found as "Maschinenfabrik Georg Egestorff" in 1835. In 1925 they added the production of cars and continued with it until WWII. They tried to restart the production after WWII but with no success.

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2/10PS Kommißbrot
25-28 Convertible
30-31 3/16PS Cabrio-Limousine
31-32 4/23PS Cabrio-Limousine

36-38 Garant 2d. Sedan
34-37 Kurier 2d. Sedan
37-38 Kurier 2d. Sedan
38-41 2door Sedan
33-34 2door Sedan
34-36 Cabriolet
34-36 2door Sedan
34-36 4door Sedan
34-36 Pickup
36-39 4door Sedan
38-39 Cabrio Gläser
38-39 Cabrio Hebmüller
36-37 Sport-Roadster

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