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In 1898 the Spanish Emilio de la Cuadra started with the production of electric automobiles as "La Cuadra". De la Cuadra met a Swiss engineer and later (1902) the name of the company changed to "Fábrica Hispano-Suiza de Automóviles". Since then Hispano-Suiza produced high valued luxury cars until 1938, when the production ceased as a late result of the depression.

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T15 Alphonse XIII
12-14 Alphonse XIII
1925 H6B Saoutchik
1925 H6B Open Tourer
1926 H6B Dual Cowl Phaeton
1927 H6B Coupe Chauffeur
1928 H6B 4d. Cabriolet
1928 H6B 2d. Cabriolet
1928 H6C Monza
1930 H6B Million-Guiet
1930 H6C Open Tourer
1933 H6C Letourneur & Marchand

1933 Cabriolet
1935 Letourneur et Marchand
1935 Limousine
1933 Berline
1933 Cabriolet
1934 Coupe Chauffeur

2002 Coupe

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